Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The things we learn

"Mama, why do we have toilet paper?" asks Little Dog.
No, I didn't really think about why he was asking. This kind of stuff comes up when you have kids, and if you try to figure out where it comes from, you'd drive yourself mad.
"To wipe your butt," I answer, feeling that in this case a direct answer is best.
"And to stop our penises from dripping!" pipes in Big Dog, the ever-helpful source of information.
"Really," I respond, not really knowing what to say to that helpful tidbit.
"I'm only talking about boys," he adds, as if that would clear things up.
"Yeah, I can't stop my penis from dripping," I reply, because I can't help myself.
"That's right," as though he was happy I was finally catching on.
And we move on.

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