Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little known fact

When I went to pick Big Dog up from school today the kids were getting ready to go back to the main classroom and playroom. As they stood in line they started to talk about Wednesday, also known as "Leprechaun Day" among the under 7 set. Now I'm not sure if the name change was made by the kids or if the school has sanitized the Saint from the celebration, but either way the kids were excited.
After a few minutes of discussing which Wednesday was Leprechaun day, one child was clearly more excited than the others. In this case it was not Big Dog, it was his friend. This friend has an amazing head of red hair, it surrounds his head in a halo of corkscrew curls and it is truly impressive. In all honesty I've always been fairly jealous of this hair. Anyhow, as the discussion of Leprechaun day continued, one of the teachers said to this child, "You're a kind of related to the leprechauns, aren't you?"
He nodded solemnly and agreed in a very serious voice, "Yes, I'm a little bit Jewish."
And all of the adults tried not to look at each other as our bodies shook with our repressed laughter. I'm pretty sure he meant Irish, but who really knows when it comes to a 6 year old? He may have been explaining why he is only kind of related to the leprechauns, or maybe he knows more about Leprechauns than I think I do.

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