Friday, March 12, 2010

Watch me

So at one point, I thought this was about the greatest video I'd ever seen.

I mean, look how serious they are and how cheerleader, drill team awesome their little dance is. I love it.

Then I saw this:

and it was no contest. Treadmills? Really? Damn right. And for a long time, I didn't think they could out do this.

Then I saw this:

And I can't quit watching it. Neither can the boys. Awesome, just awesome.


Unknown said...

Yeah my girls keep asking me to play the "obstacle course" video. So amazing! It would be fun to have the kids try and do little things like that.

Fun fact: my husband (then boyfriend) and I once interviewed the lead singer of OK Go before a show at the Croc. He was hilarious and really smart. And adorable.

Unknown said...

okay that's weird, I don't know why my handle says "mama". This is Sybil.

geekymummy said...

Love it! Bjorn, when asked if he liked said "I like the broken things!

Mike said...

Love them, too.

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