Friday, March 5, 2010

Well that showed me

When I pick the boys up from school, they are starving. Apparently not eating your lunch then running around like a crazy person all afternoon works up quite an appetite. With two famished children in the car even the short drive home can feel like being trapped for an eternity with wild animals screaming and howling for food. So sometimes I keep snacks in the car. The other day it was a couple handfuls of cashews. I figured it would at least keep them from resorting to cannibalism until we got home. Unfortunately, Big Dog was hungrier than Little Dog. Well, maybe not hungrier, just less of a good sharer. The cashews were quickly eaten up, and Little Dog was shorted on his fair share. Boy did I ever hear about it.
"Mama! Big Dog ate all the nuts!" he howled.
"Well, we'll be home soon and you'll have something there," I tried to reason.
"But I want the cashews!"
"I don't know if I have any more cashews, but I have pistachios. They're yummy too!"
"No! The cashews! I want him to give me them. He should give them back!" this went on and on and after a while I was no longer rational.
"Ok, I guess I poke Big Dog in the tummy until he throws up, then you can eat the nuts," I offered sarcastically.
"Yes! Make him throw up. I want him to throw up."
"Ok, so I'll make him throw up and you'll have to eat his puke. Is that what you want?"
He stopped, was quiet for a moment. Then he spoke, his voice perfectly mimicking a scolding teacher tone, "Mama, don't be da-gusting."
I don't think my giggling helped either.

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geekymummy said...

Urgh we have this too. Have never threatened to make one child regurgitate the food though. Good plan!

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