Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This weekend at Grandma's house Little Dog was enjoying a piece of cake. By "enjoying" I mean flinging bits of cake and frosting about the living room. I told him to stop, gave him a second chance then took the cake away. This did not make him happy. He decided to declare war on mommy. Now Little Dog is a creative warrior. He's proven his resourcefulness in the past and when it comes time to battle, nothing can stop this boy from arming himself. This time he was at a disadvantage. He'd shed his clothing, apart from his Sponge Bob underpants and had been dining in his skivvies. Did he let that stop him? Hell no! He rapidly ripped off his underwear and began whipping me with them. And it hurt. And I had to hide the fact I was laughing. It was terrible.

After being firmly reprimanded, he stopped using his shorts as a weapon and resorted to tucking them between his butt cheeks and showing us his "tail". I had to leave the room, it was impossible to regain my composure. After this stopped to get laughs, he decided to wear the underpants again. Though this time as a hat. Like a beret, but more, um, assy. I'd have taken photos, but I fear someone would accuse me of child cruelty since he'd have to live with the knowledge that these photos were let loose on the "net".

I know a good mom would do a better job of repressing her amusement, but sometimes with his imagination and outlandishness he makes it so hard to be a good parent.

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