Monday, May 31, 2010


I've been traveling for work the past week. Packed up and left the family behind while I flew off to London. Fortunately for Mr. Dog my parents were able to come up from Portland for the week and help balance the child care load while he worked. They're awesome like that. The boys were showered with tons of grandparent affection and Dave got a lighter than normal household task load. I got to go to London for a week with a lot less guilt than I would if I thought I'd left Mr. Dog to play the single parent role.

I got back on Friday and they met me at the airport, mom, dad and the boys. Exhausted from my long flight, my spirits lifted as soon as I saw them. When we got back to the house, I found it cleaner, tidier and better stocked with groceries than I had left it. It seems that when my parents were in town they took the opportunity to make my life easier when I got home too. It is that kind of sweetness that stuns me. They were already doing me a giant favor. I could only imagine that they were at least a bit exhausted from all of the running around with the kids, but even then they cleaned my fridge, fixed my vacuum cleaner and made my home look less like a frat house.
They left early the next morning all day long I kept finding little things made nicer while they were here. I'm so lucky, and so very loved. Thanks mom and dad.

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kimberlee said...

that is so fabulously cool. i cannot imagine.

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