Monday, September 27, 2010

Areas of expertise

The pillow pets have invaded our house.  And when I say invaded I mean to say that I caved and bought the boys pillow pets after having been asked for one each time we saw the display at Fred Meyer.  It's not that I weak.  Ok, it's only partly that I weak.  It's also that it was so much easier to say yes to a toy that encourages snuggling and sleeping than it is to  the myriad guns or shooters they usually go gaga over.  So I did it.  I bought fuzzy pillows done up as animals.  Insects to be exact.  Big Dog chose the lady bug and Little Dog chose the bee.  And they've been sleeping cuddled up with them every night since. 
Tonight will be no different.  Though since Little Dog was home sick today from school his pillow pet, named "Puddles" was left upstairs when the boys went downstairs for stories and bed.  Not long after they left, their friend's absence was noted and both boys came stomping up the stairs again to retrieve him.
"Where are you Puddles?" called Little Dog in his sing-song voice he reserves for his stuffed animals and for sweet talking me into letting him have one more cookie.
"Come on out Puddles!  I want to smack your stinky bug butt!" added Big Dog.
"Oh no you don't!" said Little Dog, "You do and I'll sting you!"
"But you don't even have a stinger.  See?" said Big Dog, holding up the fuzzy bee pillow that had been found behind the chair.
"Yes I do.  Here it is.  It's the tag.  I'm gonna sting you!"
"You know bees die when they sting someone," says Big Dog smugly, recounting this fact gleaned from his 1,000 viewings of Bee Movie.
"No they don't!" said Little Dog, full of defiance.
"Yes they do!  Ask Mama," said Big Dog.
"Yep," I agreed. "They do."
"I didn't know that!" said Little Dog, sounding genuinely surprised despite having also viewed Bee Movie more than any child should be allowed to be exposed to Jerry Seinfeld.
He paused a moment, then decided I was wrong.  "You're lying, Mama."
"No, I'm not," I defended.
"We can ask Papa," said Big Dog, offering up parental corroboration.
"Ok!" agreed Little Dog, excited to prove his brother wrong.
"Yeah, he knows all about dead animals!" said Big Dog, and they headed off downstairs.  I'm really not sure why they think dead animals are one of his areas of knowledge, but who am I to argue.


Anonymous said...

I just got an "I told you" because Allen saw those at Fred's and said we should get them for Big Dog and Little Dog.


erin said...

hilarious! i gave in to pillow pets too... glad to hear that dave is the king of dead animal knowledge.

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