Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The annual festival of Freezapalooza

I am once again without running water.  The pipes have frozen, the heaters are doing their best to battle the low temperatures, but I'm cold.  Since Dave didn't feel safe driving to work yesterday, we spent yesterday as a family enjoying a walk down to our main street shops and had a nice little lunch out, but as much as it encourages family time, I'm not a fan of the snow.
If you are one of my Facebook friends, you'd know this.  My posts mostly involve me bitching about how cold I am, how I'm freezing to death, how the heaters don't work as I expect them to work, how the pipes are frozen, how I hate Seattle and long to return to California.  (But I don't really, this is just my reaction to what I consider extreme cold.)
This morning as I prepare to drive to Portland for Thanksgiving with my family, I started to feel like I've been being a giant self-indulgent ass.  My house may not stay as warm as I'd like, but it is warm upstairs.  I may not have running water, but we have some pitchers of water on the counter for just this event, and if those run out I have the financial resources to buy more.  I may not like the snow, but I can escape it by going inside, climbing into my warm bed with my flannel sheets and snuggling with my kids, dogs and husband.  My life is actually pretty sweet, even if it is a little chilly.
So today, instead of wallowing in my own discomfort, I've decided to do something.  I've made a donation to a local family shelter.  My hope is that I've been able to help at least one other family get a warm place to sleep tonight.  I'd like to challenge you to do the same.  If we all did the same, even if you just donate the few bucks you'd spend on your morning coffees for the next couple of days, it could have a positive impact on the situation of someone in the community who has no other place to go.
Will you take my challenge?

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