Monday, March 28, 2011

Friend or foe

Little Dog loves words, he collects them like prized possessions and uses them when you least expect them.  He has an extensive vocabulary and when he hears words he doesn't know, you are immediately asked to explain it then he files it away for later use.

Because he enjoys words so much I decided to encourage it and bought a couple of vocabulary books for the boys.  I thought we'd start our own little "Word-a-day" activity.  This morning as we waited for breakfast at our local cafe, I brought out the first new words.  More than one because the books are organized that way.  Sturdy, annual, feeble, drowsy, prank, vast and foe.  We defined, discussed and then breakfast arrived.

Later this afternoon Little Dog was in the middle of playing when he turned and asked me, "What does foe mean again?"
"A foe is an enemy," I answered.
"Oh, like my nemesis!" he replied, with a nod.
And I start to wonder if maybe these words aren't aiming high enough.

1 comment:

geekymummy said...

awesome! Who is his nemesis I wonder?!

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