Monday, May 16, 2011


Little Dog has entered a stage in which he feels he must share his television viewing experiences.  Since in true 5 year old form he still enjoys watching one program or video repeatedly, he has identified key portions of each show that must be viewed with your full attention if tells you to watch.  And he will tell you to watch.
Sometimes he'll go as far as holding your head to keep you focused on the screen.  Annoying?  Yes, but also kind of funny (as long as it is a phase and it passes relatively quickly).
Tonight we are watching a Scooby Doo movie, The Monster of Mexico.  It apparently has many of these high-attention scenes.  As we neared one in particular he told Kathleen and I to watch.  Apparently we were not paying enough attention so he got louder.
"WATCH!" he shouted, his arm pointing at the screen.  "Keep watching.  Keep watching."
If we looked away his intensity would ramp up, "Keep WATCHING! When I say stop looking at the movie, you do."
Still pointing at the screen he went on, "Watch and keep watching.  Look at the TV.  Keep looking at the movie. I'll tell you when to stop. I'll tell you when to stop watching! Then you stop watching. And when I stop pointing at the screen, I'm not telling you to stop watching.  You have to keep watching. I'll tell you when you can stop, but my arm is getting kind of tired."
He may be a bit bossy, but hey, at least he knows his limitations.


Sybil Runs Things said...

Oh my, my girls do the same thing! It is especially "endearing" when it's a movie we've already seen about 30 times. Oh, and that Scooby Doo is a particularily good one, lol.

Affordable Insurance said...

Mine too! They love Scooby Doo.

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