Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Great Northwest

Although he was born in San Francisco, Big Dog has spent the vast majority of his life living in Seattle.  Little Dog was "Born in Ballard" as the billboards for the hospital where he entered the world proclaim.
While I seem to have left my heart in San Francisco and still consider it home after living apart for the past six years, I guess I need to come to terms with raising little Seattelites.

Because we live in the Northwest, my kids take vitamin D supplements in the dark winters since the sun just isn't going to cover it.  My kids get warm easily and don't complain when the house reaches what I consider deeply unacceptable temperatures.

Earlier this week, when the sun just peeked out for the first time in ages, the boys both demanded to be dressed in shorts.  When I dropped him off at a school the following, significantly less sunny day, Big Dog bemoaned his coat being way too warm and voiced his strident demand for a spring weather coat. 

Yesterday, when I picked Big Dog up from an after school playdate with a friend, I found him jumping into the backyard wading pool fully clothed.  The temperature at the time was in the low 60s, but the sun was out so I guess it is to be expected.  I can't say I understand this entirely, but the playdate host's own child was in a swimsuit and had initiated the pool being filled in the first place.

While I can't understand this and have no need to strip to my summer gear as soon as the lightest ray of sun appears, I can be a mother who allows her Northwestern children to follow their primal needs.  I will not be jumping in the wading pool with them any time soon, but if they have that urge, as long as it won't leave them sick or injured, I guess I can enable that.  If they long for shorts even on spring days, as long as they don't complain about being cold, I'll allow them to dress as though they're on vacation in Hawaii.

There is one thing that I cannot allow.  One thing I must prohibit.  One thing I find morally objectionable despite their Seattle influence.  I cannot let them wear socks with their sandals.
(though technically the past two days I have)

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

I live in the Bay area and am from the Tropics. Amazed when the little ones run around plenty warm in 60 degrees with a T-shirt, I have a space heater running under my desk for hours a day all year long here.

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