Thursday, May 12, 2011

What the future holds

This morning when I went upstairs to get the boys dressed, they were having a big career talk.  As soon as they saw me they couldn't wait to tell me their plans.
"We're going to be super spies, mama!" said Little Dog.
"With handcuffs and flashlights and magnifying glasses," added Big Dog.
With some sense of despair in his voice, Little Dog then added, "There are so many things I want to be when I grow up, but I'm going to have to pick being a spy."
"I want to be different things too," said Big Dog.  "I mean, it's my dream to be a spy, but it's also my life long dream to be a PE teacher."
"That is a dilemma," I agreed with as much compassion as a mother can have when her son says he might have to back down from his career aspiration of becoming a gym teacher.
"But I guess I have to pick," he says.
"Well, now most people have more than one career over the span of their working life," I offered.  "Maybe you'll have time to do both."
"Or maybe I can do them at the same time!" he said with more enthusiasm.
"Sure, I'll bet there are a lot of PE teachers who are spies in their off hours," I agreed.
And the boys were back to their big talk of spy necessities in no time.  Thank heavens I'm not paid to be a career counselor.

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