Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm counting down the days to the first day of school.  Next Wednesday Little Dog starts kindergarten and Big Dog starts 2nd grade.  And while this is stressful enough on its own, I'm also starting an adventure of my own.  My sabbatical, during which I plan on finally writing the book I've been talking about for a few years now.  Not for any reason other than I want to do it, but it's still anxiety inducing.  See, I'm not always good at finishing what I start and in this case I'm a little worried that I might give up in favor of laying around enjoying the freedom to do nothing.  To ensure I don't choose the path of ultimate slack, I've been telling people my plans.  I figure if everyone who knows I'm taking a sabbatical also knows that I'm supposed to be writing a book on this sabbatical, I'll feel the pressure to produce a book.
So I'm counting down.  And next week, next Wednesday I'll be dusting off my long abandoned first chapters and getting down to work.  Wish me luck.  Oh, and wish me a little luck with the first day of school stuff too.  Little Dog has a tendency to make this sort of thing a little more "interesting" for me.

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geekymummy said...

Very best of luck to little dog, and to you. I'd be happy to read and give feedback if you like.

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