Monday, September 19, 2011

Hitting the showers

Last night I had decided the boys needed to bathe.  Unfortunately on the way home from our sushi dinner, the battle in the backseat got so annoying I didn't feel comfortable letting them share the tub.  I feared that if they continued to harass each other with the same ferocity I witnessed in the car, I'd be called in every 2 minutes to referee and there goes my quiet wine drinking time.  So I suggested they bathe separately.  Better yet, I suggested they try showering.

They were suspicious at first, they'd never showered at home and I guess the showers at the swimming pool didn't quite register as bathing in their minds.  After a moment of discussion, Little Dog agreed.
"So, you guys are going to take a shower instead of a bath," I said more than asked.
"That'll be manly!" replied Little Dog.
"Really?  Manly?" I asked. 
"Yes, showers are manly," he agreed. "I'm going to be a manly man."
"Um, ok," I said, "You know I take showers too, right?"
"Baths are girly."

I'm not quite sure where he gets this stuff, but it comes in such a constant stream it's hard not to quote him.

1 comment:

berlee said...

zixi also showers. she is about as girly as humanly possible.

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