Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In praise of friendship

Today is a very good friend's birthday, and as I started my day I realized just how much this friend means to me.  Naturally, I'm writing about Geekymummy.  As part of the Walter Street group, she has become more than a friend and more like extended family.  She has been instrumental in my life.  In the years we have known each other she did me the service of introducing me to my future husband, standing up with me at my wedding, and being one of the very first visitors in the hospital after Big Dog was born.  She even went as far as to become pregnant at the same time I was pregnant with Little Dog so I had someone to call and chat with while we were both out on maternity leave.  How's that for dedication!

In life it is hard to find good friends, it is even more difficult for many friendships to stand the test of time.  We all continue to grow and change as we work our way through life's many challenges and choices. In too many cases it leads to relationships growing apart and the shedding of acquaintances.  Perhaps we have stayed so close because while we have both matured, neither of us have aged a bit.  (Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.) Whatever the reason,  I am extremely fortunate to count her among my friends and send her the most heart-felt birthday wishes.

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