Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What passes for romance these days

Tonight I had my Pilates class and made it home a few minutes before Mr. Dog walked in with the boys.  As we all took off our shoes and coats we kind of gathered up in the entryway.  Big Dog, free of his shoes, bolted upstairs to play and Little Dog was still working on his freeing his feet from his sneakers.  As Mr. Dog brushed past me in the narrow space, I said, "What's up, yo?" because, yes, I'm street like that.  And he replied, "What up with you, you?"
His voice thick with distaste, Little Dog piped in, "Why do you guys have to always be so lovey-dovey?" and took off up the stairs, leaving us laughing in his wake.
"Really?  That's lovey-dovey now?" I asked Mr. Dog.
And as soon as it was out of my mouth, our small critic's voice drifted down from the stairwell, "Ug. You disgust me." And he stomped away.
I didn't realize that my faux urban posturing could be mistaken as the language of love.  I guess you really do learn something new every day.

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