Thursday, May 17, 2012

If Wishes Were Horses

"It's too bad kids can't have drivers licenses," Little Dog says in the back seat as we drive from his after school program to pick Big Dog up from his after school program.
"Yeah, it's a tragedy," I say thinking of just what kind of insurance that would require and the rather terrifying idea of Little Dog piloting a vehicle.
"I wish I had a horse," he says abruptly.
"A horse?" I ask, pretty sure I've misunderstood.
"A horse," he says firmly.
"You want to ride a horse?  We could do that sometime," I say.
"I'd ride it to school."
"Well, I'm pretty sure we don't have enough space for a horse in our yard, but it's a nice idea," I say.
"We should check.  I'd like to ride a horse to school.  I could do it every day."
"Well there would be things we'd need to think about other than just the space, which I'm pretty sure we don't have.  What would the horse do while you were in school?" I ask.
"Poop. It would probably poop."
"Yeah," I say, "And that's not all."
"It would have to wait.  But it could also poop," he says, more sure this time.
"Don't you think it would get bored?  It would just have to stand there and wait for you all day.  Wouldn't it want to do something else?" I ask.
"It could poop," he says again, obviously something he's quite committed to.  Then after a pause, "Would it want to run around in circles?  It could probably do that too."
"I think it might be in the way.  I'm not sure your school would be too happy about having a horse just hanging around."
"You're right.  Probably because of all of the poop," he says as though he's figured it out.  Again he is quiet.  "It's too bad kids can't have drivers licenses."
Uh yeah.  Sure it is.  But apart from the obvious drawbacks, we'd also miss out on quality conversations like these.


erin said...

kids. they're so obsessed with poop.
i want a horse.

Heather said...

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