Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Very Belated Birthday Post

My precious seven-year-old Little Dog,
I usually post these right around the time you age up, but this year, as you well know, has been a bit of an ass-kicker.  I'm running behind because this year I never seem to stop running.

I am sick of saying that I can't believe you are a year older already, but honestly I can't.  When you were decorating the Christmas tree in December I remember being struck by how tall you were and each day I watch your beautiful face continue on its transformation from adorable chubby baby face to handsome big kid. Only when you are asleep do you still resemble the infant I brought home seven years ago, and it is all I can to to see that sleeping face and not lean over to immediately kiss your cheek.

We've had our share of challenges this year as your worries continue to hijack that sweet kid spirit at times when you feel stressed or overwhelmed, but we keep working our way down the path to finding a lasting solution.  It hasn't been easy for you, or for us, but I sincerely believe that this year will end on a much happier, calmer note than it began.  Just hold my hand and keep moving forward with me, sweetie.

And even with the challenges you continue to grow and amaze.  Your vocabulary continues to flourish, you seem to collect words the way Big Dog collects Bey Blades or Pokemon cards.  You cherish them, polish them and use them expertly.  It is a love I recognize in myself as well as in your grandma and I couldn't be more proud. 

While you are loathe to show it, you can read and do math, but you'd rather not.  Your love is video games.  Skylanders to be precise.  I think you love the possibility of the characters as much as the game, but you do immerse yourself in that world. 

You have an great sense of humor that constantly catches me off guard.  You turn phrases in ways that make me giggle and frequently post your observations or retorts in my Facebook status.  In fact, you have gained quite a reputation in my social circle as a smart and funny guy with a sharp wit and a keen eye.  My pride in you shines through as I write or talk about you every day.

Through the year we are going try to work through some problems for you, and I imagine at times it will be tough for all of us.  We may cry, we may argue, we may wallow in our frustration, but at the heart of it all please know I love you more than you could ever imagine.  As we grow together I promise I will try to offset the aggravation with joy, balance the struggle with fun and naturally fill in the bumps with chocolate.

I love you, Little Dog. You are your own original creation.

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