Friday, September 7, 2007

If loving my Dyson is wrong, I don't want to be right!

As you can probably imagine, a household with two dogs, two children and two relatively sloppy adults generates a lot of filth. We have a housekeeper. We try to stay on top of things, but it frequently gets out of hand. One task that I have routinely performed is vacuuming. I actually enjoy it. I find it satisfying to hear the crud deposited on my floor being sucked away into a containment unit.

Recently the hubby took a turn a with the rug maintenance and was deeply dissatisfied with our current vacuum's ability to get rid of the dog hair and demanded that we get a new one. Amazing statement from the man who never likes to buy anything. He actually instructed me to go out and shop.

My first step was to look at Consumer Reports. They had some strong opinions on which vacuums sucked, in the good way, and the bad. I then took that information to the web and googled reviews of the top rated vacuums. Problem is that this information pretty much contradicted what the CR ratings said. Users weren't happy with them, they failed early, they had to be repaired. The one thing I kept coming across was that many of these people then purchased a Dyson and were in clean floor heaven.

It is no secret that I have long lusted after the Dyson Animal. Who wouldn't love a purple appliance? And the fact they call it the Animal, just for us pet lovers is another marketing super-move. I also love Mr. Dyson's smooth accent as he reassures me it will "Never loose suction." He's like a therapist and a sales person rolled into one camera ready package.

I took my questions to craigslist, asked in the PetFo and the NiceFo and got the same feedback. "You'll love it" I was reassured, even if I also was a little put off by the cultish nature of the enthusiasm for a vacuum cleaner.

Finally I took the plunge and ordered the bad boy. Two weeks later, it arrived on the doorstep as my neighbors admired from afar. "ooh, you got a Dyson!"

The first night I filled the canister 3 times in a recently vacuumed room. Each time I vacuum, I am amazed at just how much crap it pulls out of my seemingly clean rugs. I am addicted. It is like a game to see just how much filth exists in my home. Not only is the vacuum amazing, the details are well thought out. The handle has a long nozzle that detaches and becomes a too for picking up bits of debris from corners or under overhangs where the vacuum head won't fit.

I love this thing. Seriously, I LOVE this thing. And if you want to judge me for that, go on ahead. I don't need your approval, I have my fellow cult members to fall back on.

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