Saturday, December 15, 2007

So Much for Arts and Crafts

Christmas time at daycare means homemade Christmas ornaments. Every year Big Dog brings new ornaments home for our tree. They are charming, hand-crafted works of preschool art.

This year they are cut from dough, baked until hard then painted and glittered within an inch of their lives. As proud parents we immediately hung them on the tree, right in the front, for all to see.

Well, Little Dog was one of the ones who saw them. He decided they looked less like ornaments and more like cookies. He managed to pluck one from the tree and take a bite. Big Dog managed to free it from his brother, and we placed the ornaments on higher branches, but Little Dog still goes to the tree and demands "cookies".

1 comment:

Mamikaze said...

That was funny. You forgot the part when he tried to climb the Christmas tree for the mention "cookie." You've got to admire his tenacity.

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