Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Culinary Adventures with Big Dog

Monday was MLK day, I had to work, our nanny was out sick and our back up care provider didn't show up. Mr. Dog had planned to work, but took the day off since his company had it as a holiday. This left the men of the Dog House alone together at home.

I figured they'd be sitting around in their underwear talking sports and belching a lot. And for all I know, that's how it went down.

What I do know is that late in the afternoon, Mr. Dog called me at work to tell me that Big Dog had made himself a sandwich. Yes, my 4 year-old boy is starting to prep his own food. He'd finished his PB&J and asked for another sandwich (credit this massive appetite to a growth spurt).
Mr Dog asked "The same kind?"
Big Dog thought a moment and said "No. I want cheese. Cheese and jam."
"Cheese and jam? Ok, anything else?" Mr. Dog said mildly amused.
"Broccoli. I want broccoli" he replied.
So he made a cheese, lingonberry jam and broccoli sandwich. And ate it up.

I somehow don't think this one is going to catch on, but maybe some day I'll be watching him compete on Top Chef. He sure is, uh, innovative?

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