Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Little Dog givith, and Little Dog taketh away

Most nights after work, Mr Dog and I unwind with a glass of wine. Last night the kids were at play in the playroom, making various play-doh shapes and either bringing them to us, fighting over them or tossing them on the floor.

Little Dog came into the living room and decided to take my "rainbow star" that Big Dog had given me, and replace it with a gray blob he had created. After taking the star, he gave another chunk of "doh" to Mr. Dog.

Joking, Mr Dog said "Hey Little Dog, get me some wine."
Little Dog looked at him, looked at me then reached over took my wine from the table and handed it to Mr. Dog. He then turned and toddled back to the playroom to create more shapes.

I guess we know which parent Little Dog favors. Poor mommy, no more wine.

1 comment:

Mamikaze said...

he still has a short time to learn "Nobody touches Mama'a wine." He's doing better than my girls. By his age, both of them had swiped and chugged mine. Lushes.

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