Saturday, January 5, 2008

Would the Best Candidate Please Step Forward

As a single person I followed politics. I lived for politics. I knew the issues, the facts and the stats to back up my opinion.

I got married. Our political views were similar, but not the same. We debated, discussed and debated some more. I had to be on my toes because I was always trying to convince the most stubborn man alive to switch sides.

Then I had children. At first I still kept up with the news, but as time passed the news was too depressing. The Bush Administration was picking fights internationally that were costing too many families their fathers and mothers, their sons and their daughters. The war in the Middle East was uprooting people on all sides and everyone touched by the war, apart from the war profiteers, was being damaged as a result. The war aside, the idiocy of our government was infuriating. The fact that the voting public allowed the morons in charge to trample our civil rights, violate the foundation of our country and screw over the general public while serving their buddies up perks left and right demoralized me. Add that to my ongoing battle with my general depression and it was not a pretty sight. In an act of self preservation I started to stray from my newshound ways. I skimmed the headlines, and watched the Daily Show, but not much more.

I'm in the position now that I am so separated from the news that I could hardly tell you what differentiates one candidate from another. I don't think I could even name the Republican candidates. Just recently I took an online test that claimed to show you who you were most in line with politically. Turns out I'm most aligned with Kucinich. WTF? So I am most in line with someone who has a less than 0% chance of winning. Great. And while I may like his politics, there is something about him that I find creepy. Can't pinpoint it, but photos of him in yoga poses dressed in a business suit didn't help.

I guess it is time I get back to the news and start figuring out who I should vote for in the elections. At this point, I'd back anyone who could win, sadly I can't even tell you who that would be.

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