Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scenes from a Car

Today on our drive home from daycare, Big Dog was especially talkative.

"Mommy, this looks like a dog!" he exclaims as he points to a large smear on his passenger window. It is probably leftover from this weekend's sanity saving trip through the Starbuck drive thru, but who knows. My car is not what is conventionally thought of as "clean".
"Oh, and this one looks like pants! Look mommy!"
A short pause, then "If you chopped my hands off, they'd be bloody!"
"I'm sure they would be." I say, half laughing, half wondering where the hell that came from.
"Yes, it would. I know I'm right." another pause "This looks like a car, or a dog. Maybe a dog car," he says going back to his filthy window.

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