Friday, February 22, 2008

Web Marketing Uses Mind Reading?

What the hell is going on here? I open up my in box today and the Peanut Shell sling company has emailed me twice offering new slings. I loved these slings when Little Dog was actually "little", but I have no tiny baby needing a safe harbor. And this isn't the first time the marketing gurus seem to have tapped into my raging urge to procreate.

In recent weeks, I've received email from:
BabyStyle showing off their new maternity line
Pottery Barn Kids bragging about their new crib bedding
BabyCenter with some cute new spring outfits for infants and babies.
BabyInABag (yeah, creepy name, but great products) with their summer sleepsacks at 20% of (including a really nice looking soy based sleepsack for the "greener" families).
Baby Universe is having a sale on their Britax carseats for those who may have new additions to their families (thus not me unless I can find one to fit a Great Dane, but I somehow doubt I could).
Seattle's own PEPS (Project for Early Parenting Support) has emailed me with some program promotion or other. I didn't bother reading that one.
Hanna Anderssen has a new line of fleecey clothes for "tiny bunnies".
Amazon Grocery contacted me about Baby Mum Mum, some kind of teething rusks I have no use for, unless I have a new toothless one coming at some point.
Köhlr Baby, who makes the most adorable Moses basket bedding, has a new eco-fleece line including crib sheets and a sleepsack for those newborns everyone else seems to be stocking up on lately.
BabyAge offered me free shipping on their special of the day at least once.

Why do they taunt me with their wares? I'd love to have a tiny one on the way that needs me to stock up, but given that Mr. Dog is highly unlikely to relent, I am left to look longingly at their beautifully photographed goods and sigh a little. *sigh*
Maybe I should take Victoria's Secret up on their latest email offer and see if that doesn't help shift Mr. Dog's position on things a bit.


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