Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's all about hygene and class.

In the last year Big Dog has made big strides toward being a big boy. He's 100% reliably potty trained, even at night. He dresses himself, writes his won name, sight reads a long list of words. And lately, his big point of pride is taking over washing himself in the tub. I believe Method products have played a part in this new skill.
As a Method advocate, I received a trial of their new children's line. They have designed packaging for their bath and body wash that looks like a kitten and when you squeeze it, the body wash shoots out of its, well, nether regions. I'm sure they didn't intend for this to look as though the kitty had digestive issues, but I can't help but think this poor cat needs a specialist of some sort. Maybe they're on to something though. Big Dog is enamored of his IBS kitty soap, and frankly it smells so good I can look beyond the disturbing delivery system. So, as I as saying, Big Dog has decided he is man enough to thoroughly soap and rinse himself in the bath. He slathers himself with kitty bum goo, lathers himself up then rinses off. Not only does he love the process he thrills at the result. He loves being clean.
Lately after baths he insists that he be smelled.
While Auntie Chihuahua was visiting, he had her smell his various parts. His hair, his cheek, his leg, his arm, his foot. When I came into the room, he insisted I smell his other foot.
Uh, ok. sniff! "wow, you smell great!!!"
Auntie Chihuahua explained, "He smells so nice and clean, his hair, his face, his hands, his feet, he smells great!"
Big Dog piped in "Yeah, even my bum and privates!"
I told him I'd just have to take his word on that.
See, he's all about class.

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Kaza said...

Oh my lord but that's funny. The kitty shooting the soap out of the nether regions, and your child demanding to be smelled... I can see it all!

On Method: I've just discovered the cleaning stuff (and the fabric softener, thank the heavens, because the vinegar was just NOT working), but didn't know about the kids' line. Does Target carry it?

Thanks for visiting my blog today, and I love yours! I lived in Seattle in the early 90s and miss it still. Cool town. I'd love to end up there again, in fact, but we'll see what the academic job market gods have in store for us.

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