Sunday, May 11, 2008

I pledge allegance to I have no idea what

Last night before we went to bed, Big Dog and I had a little talk. We agreed that we love each other, and while we love each other, there are times that we say or do things that hurt feelings. Big Dog proposed that we make a promise. Silly me, I thought it would have something to do with not hurting our feelings.

"Mommy, raise your hand up like this, and repeat after me."
I have no idea where he has seen this kind of oath, but I'll play along.

"I mama, promise never to touch my blanket."
His blanket? I thought this was about hurt feelings. I wonder where this is going.

"in case it breaks. And if all of the outer space tings fall down I really really promise to take them all up to school to pick me up. And after school."
Outer space things? What?

"And I mama promise to bring my favorite favorite toy and not to beak it. Be very really gentle.
And if a friend you don't know says you are a star, and a car, see they rhyme then....or a walking sock goes into a walking shoe."
Ok this is now officially the strangest oath I have ever taken, but he seems adamant, so I'll repeat it.

"Or a walking penguin says "I love you so much."...
Ok, it's done."
mommy is confused, what penguin?

And with that he rolled over and went to sleep.
I'm not sure exactly what I have pledged, but I am beginning to suspect Big Dog may be taking some sort of hallucinogen.


Mrs. F said...

Ridiculously cute!

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

super des said...

As long as he didn't get that in writing. That could be dangerous later on.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny.

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