Saturday, May 31, 2008

So where do you put your butt?

"Want to know what I don't like," asks Big Dog, but he doesn't wait for an answer before he launches into his list. "I don't like bugs. Or poop. Or smelly things. Or cups. Or chairs."
"Wait," I say, "You don't like chairs? Since when?"
"Mommy," he says with a healthy dose of keep-up-old-woman in his voice. " I don't like to eat chairs."
"Oh, I see. I thought you said you didn't like them."
"That's right, I don't like to eat them. Or shoes. Or lights...." and the list went on.
Glad we got that settled.


super des said...

I have to agree with him. I don't like to eat any of those things either. Or slimy things.

Mrs. F said...

I don't particularly enjoy eating lights or poop either. Smart kid!


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