Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dinner and a show

Apparently I'm raising a couple of budding comics. At dinner the other night, we were treated to a dry run of their new routine, much to the amusement of our dinner guests. I'm sure Rick and Nicole will attest to the overall hilarity of the act. Me, I'm still trying to figure out the finer points of their humor.

Big Dog: How did the monster get on the roof?
Me: I don't know, how?
BD: With their fingers! (pause) Is that funny?
Me: Uh, sure. More odd than funny, but sure, we'll say funny.
Bolstered by the success of his first joke he tries another.
BD: Why did the book cross the road?
Me: No idea.
BD:--it wanted to go to the movies!
He promptly dissolves into laughter.
Me: Uh, ok. I'm not sure I get that one.
BD: the movies!
I still don't get it, so he pitches another one.
BD: Why did the door cross the road
Me: Don't know. Why?
BD: it wanted to go to the movies!
While I'm working this one out, Little Dog decides he needs to get in on the act.
Little Dog: How did the ghost get in here? (brief pause) The Closet! (insane toddler laughter)
Mr. Dog: Big Dog, why don't you tell Nicole your knock knock joke.
BD: OK! (eyes gleaming with excitement!) Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there?
BD: Banana
Nicole: Banana who?
BD: Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there?
BD: Banana
Nicole: Banana who?
BD: Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there?
BD: Orange
Nicole: Orange Who?
BD: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
Me: Here let me teach you one. Knock knock.
BD: Who's there
Me: Boo
BD: Boo Who
Me: Aw, don't cry!
(much laughter)
Big Dog turns to Nicole: Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there?
BD: Boo
(as if we don't immediately see where this is going) Nicole: Boo Who?
BD: Aw, don't cry.
(more laughter)
BD again to Nicole: Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there
BD: Boo
Nicole: Boo Who?
BD: Aw, come on, don't cry
Nicole: nice, he's improvising.
BD, again to Nicole: Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there?
Little Dog, interrupting: How did the ghost get in here?...the closet!
Nicole to Big Dog: Let me teach you one. Knock knock
BD: Who's there?
Nicole: Who
BD: Banana
Nicole: No, you say who?
BD: Banana who?
Nicole: No, I say "Who" you say "Who who?"
BD: Who's there?
Nicole: Who
BD: No, I said that.
Nicole: you say "who who"
BD: Who who who?
Nicole: There's an owl in here
BD: (looking puzzled) Who?
Mr. Dog, trying to get in on the joke telling action: Knock knock
BD: Who's there
Mr. Dog: Boo Who
Little Dog: Don't cry
Mr. Dog: No, you say Boo Who who?
BD: Boo Who who?
Mr. Dog: Oooh a ghost owl!
Little Dog, perking up at the mention of ghosts: How did the ghost get in here?....the closet!
(insane toddler laughter)
Big Dog: Knock knock
Nicole: Who's there?
BD: Boo
Nicole: Boo who?
BD: Don't cry!
Little Dog decides he has taken the wrong joke telling approach for this audience, and tries again.
LD: Knock knock
Me: Who's there?
LD: Banana
Me: Banana who?
LD: Orange
Me: Orange who?
LD: Milk
Me: Ok, you don't get this joke do you?
LD: Water
And so went my evening. Fortunately there was an ample supply of wine.


Mrs. F said...

Haha! You labeled this "I'm rapidly approaching insanity" Hahahahahaha!

followthatdog said...

yes, but it is true, and this comedy isn't helping.

Bad Momma said...

I have three boys (7, 10 & 11), it is amazing how fast things get spun out of control. It's not a typical dinner unless a drink is knocked over, food is spit across the table or someone chokes. All because of a joke gone bad. Something to look forward too!
....reminds me of a post I did a year ago!

followthatdog said...

Bad momma,
I'm sure my boys would keel over from that same joke. Great, I have that to look forward to.

Jenni said...

Yeah...that's about how jokes go at my house, too! In fact I just posted a blog about something similar! LOL!

Thanks for coming by today! :-D

Unknown said...

That is so funny. I mean not the jokes but the fact that your children found comedy in the jokes. I guess we don't understand preschool humor.

Ann Harrison said...

I LOVE this!
And congratulations on being MBC "Mystery Mom Blogger" today!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA my 6 and 8 year old dd's do this same thing!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! Love the sense of humor developing! Dolly went through this & now Cowboy is. Same joke over & over, or 50 different jokes... all with the same punchline! Woo-hoo!

Kirsten said...

We have nights like this, and I have 3 girls. They think they are hilarious... like "why did the book cross the road? Because he thought he was a lightbulb". It hurts to listen to. You are in good company!

Sarah Vasquez said...


This takes me back to when I was about BD's age and thoroughly enjoyed "Feivel Goes West". I remember laughing hysterically until my sides hurt (over and over again, thanks to the wonderful rewind button) at the part where the cat holds his breath for so long and then he breathes out and flies everywhere like a balloon (if that description makes sense). And when I was even younger than that I used to love watching the movie where Shirley Temple's mom gets ran over by a car - but ONLY the part where she gets ran over. I was dark and twisty even then, it would seem. :)

The point is, obviously neither of those things are very funny and when you reach the brink of insanity maybe those two will pull another crazy stunt to remind you of your own awkward childhood.


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