Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glass half full, half empty or just really dirty?

Looking at the recent near severing and reattaching of Mr. Dog's finger tip, noting the ups and downs. Thought I might make it into a blog post. Humor me.

Upside: He won't have house projects to work on this weekend, so we can have some more quality family time.
Downside: Quality family time is kind of what led to the finger tip incident, more or less. What's next to be severed?

Upside: In his spare time, he is loading and loading the dishwasher, this can be done with his impaired hand.
Downside: Since his dexterity is down, I get to perform all diaper changes.

Upside: Oxycontin prescription in the house. Um, not that I do that kind of thing ya know.
Downside: Now have a fear of uninvited Rush Limbaugh visits.

Upside: We're spending a bit more time together since he isn't out in the yard, or under the house.
Downside: He now supervises me as I perform manual labor, like cleaning up after the dogs' recent attack on a big bag of compost, and makes "helpful" suggestions.

Upside: Big bandage on his finger makes it look like he's continually flipping the bird. And I find that kind of thing extremely amusing.
Downside: Really, is there a downside to this one?

1 comment:

Kaza said...

You are twisted and that makes me LOVE you. That is all.

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