Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of Super Heros, Kids, Dogs and Bandaids.

If we lived in some ancient civilization you might think it was natural that from time to time our children's toys are sacrificed to a large furry beast. You might even consider it a rite of passage to lose a favorite toy occasionally because it was not put out of dog's reach. I could even try to spin it that way now. But I won't, cause that would just be dumb. Since we live in modern times, and share our home with two large chew-crazy dogs, we've had to resign ourselves to the fact our children will have to become comfortable with loss at an early age. Dogs have a hard time differentiating between toys that belong to dogs and toys that belong to children. Most of the time they are pretty good about it, but there are occasional failures in their doggy logic.

Last night, Dashiell, our great Dane puppy, decided to decapitate and generally maim a Spiderman action figure. Although Spiderman was a gift to Big Dog at his last birthday, he has never shown much interest in him. Little dog, on the other hand, has been obsessed with the crime-fighter.

Big Dog discovered the destruction and felt he must pass the news to his little brother,
"Little Dog, I'm so sorry, but Dash has eaten your Spiderman. I'm really really sorry" he said in his best somber big brother voice. Little Dog listened, but didn't really react much.

Later, Little Dog was crouched over something talking softly. When Mr. Dog investigated he saw Little Dog with his now headless action figure saying, "Spiderman, this band aid will make you feel better. Don't worry" while trying to reattach the head with, get this, a Spiderman bandaid.

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chihuahua5 said...

poor little dog...and poor poor spiderman. glad to know he's in good hands though with a spidey band-aid.

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