Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding bells are ringing.

So it looks like the boys have gotten married. Yep, they took the big step into wedded matrimony. Turns out somewhere in amongst the clutter, Big Dog and Little Dog came across some large nuts* (of the nuts and bolts variety, not of the tasty snack variety) they slipped on their fingers like rings. Since marriage essentially boils down to jewelry in their minds, it was a natural progression, right? When I came home from work, Big Dog announced that he was now married.
"Really?" I asked, "Who'd you marry?"
"Little Dog." he said matter-of-factly
Upon hearing his name, Little Dog held up his hand, proudly displaying his stunning bridal jewelry.
"I married!" he beamed.
"Yeah, I heard. You married Big dog."
"Yeah, I married Big Dog," he agreed, once again showing me his ring.
"Wow, that's huge news. You know, I'm pretty sure that's not legal."

*Special thanks to Mr. Dog for correcting my incorrect identification of construction objects. Not only did he inform me I had wrongly called a nut a bolt, he used a pornographic metaphor to drive the difference home. He is an endless source of knowledge and inappropriate references.


Maura said...

Oh my god, that's all it takes?!? Why didn't someone tell me this? I'm totally going to the hardware store after work and marrying the person who sells the bolt to me. Who knew?

I'll let you know where we register after the happy event. It will probably be at ACE Hardware.

Mrs. F said...

Hehehe Mr Dog is funny! I can only imagine having a similar conversation with my husb.

Z said...

Hey! I came through via AM... First off, hello. Second, I've only read two posts and I'm hooked. You are now going to be a permanent fixture on my feedreader. Because your boys? (And you, for creating them and writing about them) - HILARIOUS.

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