Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Like English, only cuter Part II

Both boys take after me in at least one way. It can be pretty hard to get them to shut up. IN all of those words, there are some that frequently get mangled. I'm ok with that that. In fact, I love it. It can be hard for me to be motiviated to help improve pronunciaion when things are as cute at this:

Little Dog
bas-geet-ohs = mosquitos
bain-con = bacon
bampf-hire = vampire
toe food = tofu

Big Dog
fun-ola bar = granola bar
connector = nectar
sticker-noodles = snickerdoodles
light saver = lightsaber

See, I rather like the alternate pronunciaions. They're kind of charming.


Kristen M. said...

Totally cute! The one we can't bring ourselves to correct is when someone asks "How are you?" he says "I'm find." It's hilarious to us and so we don't correct him.

Sarah Vasquez said...

Juliet is all about the "lightsavers" and "dzedis" these days also.

Robin said...

I love it. I am definitely calling them funola bars from now on. Brilliant.

geekymummy said...

we have 'buh skeet ohs' at our house to! And still, when animal hair gets into the food we get 'mummy, I have hair dog', I say this myself now, actually!

Mrs. F said...

Ohhhh, I love kiddie language. We are going to the Vid-ee-ers on Friday to see the new High School Musical movie.

Heh. That word will NEVER go away.


Kirsten said...

When my middle girl was about 3 she used to say "refrigitator". We'd ask her questions like, "where's the milk?" and "Do you remember where I put the yogurt?" just so she would say it. Still makes me giggle.

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