Thursday, October 23, 2008

Words that sound funny coming from Mr. Dog

For some reason when my big strong husband says certain words, I smirk. They just sound odd coming out of his mouth. For your amusement, and honestly for mine, here are the two words that have made me snicker inside when spoken by my lovely husband:

1. Smock
2. Gladiola

Ok, maybe I have a problem. But seriously, I giggle.

Am I a freak, or do you have certain words that are silly when voiced by your beloved? Please share.

1 comment:

BoneFolder said...


Anything French.

Also, being from Iowa, she has a few special words, like Catty-Wampus (diagonally adjacent), and including many fresh new occurrences of the "R" sound. Squarsh, for example. Never gets old.


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