Thursday, August 28, 2008

A different kind of scary

Little Dog is kind of dramatic. He loves tormenting his big brother, and Big Dog plays right into his tiny hands. It's not at all unusual to see Little Dog chasing his brother threatening to bite, lick or otherwise "get" him. And it is equally common to see Big Dog running away, seeking protection while howling that "he's going to get me!"

We try to stop this kind of thing. If Big Dog doesn't like it, he is supposed to tell Little Dog to stop. If Little Dog doesn't stop, he is warned, then if he persists, he gets a time out. After the time out, he has to say sorry. No biggie, just trying to keep on top of the tormenting in the dog household.

Last night, after being threatened with a time out for trying to lick his brother, Little Dog decided to change his approach.
"I'm going to huuuuug you!" he says to his big brother in a threatening monster-like voice as he lumbers forward
"Noooooo!" cries Big Dog!
"I'm going to kiiiiisss you!" he tries next, still looming over Big Dog.
"Noooooo!" Big Dog persists.
"I'm going to say sooorry!" he says in his threatening voice.

Looks like Little Dog has already learned a key marketing principle. It isn't so much the message as how you package the message.


Robin said...

He's going somewhere in life that one, that's for sure. What a character LOL.

Z said...

Bwahaha! Creative, that one, quite creative!

Mrs. F said...

Oh hell, that kid is too funnny!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say sorry......

Love it!

Nauntie Lush said...

This my dear is PROOF positive that little dog is BRILLIANT.

Now wether that is an EVIL BRILLIANCE, or just BRILLIANCE, like here remains to be seen!

Unknown said...

Love it. Little dog is sooo smart it is scary.

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