Monday, September 1, 2008

Open Letter to the Creepy Guy Harrassing My Dogs

Dear Creepy Guy,
Yesterday you caused quite a stir in my yard as you stood inches from my fence with your dog. Yeah, my dogs bark at people who walk by, even more so if you have a dog with you. Nothing serious, but yes, it is noisy.

Most people, wait, most normal either walk on by, or the dog lovers stop and chat with my large, friendly dogs. So imagine my surprise when I walked out on the porch to see what was causing the ruckus, and there you were, staring menacingly at my dogs, obviously trying to cause a problem.

I called to the dogs, and they backed off, but you remained. You continued to stare, first at the dogs, then at me with some kind of smoldering anger. My annoyance changed to concern, that much anger being directed at my dogs and now myself made me concerned for our safety.
I noticed that your wife and child were across the street, waiting for you to join them. I can only imagine that you separated from your family to rile my dogs. So really, what's the deal? Why focus your evil stares at my family?

I think you may be the person we had an unfortunate run in with almost two years ago. You lied then, so we don't feel at all comfortable with your current "interest" in our fenced yard. After watching you outside the gate, I wondered what you might be cooking up, what little plot you are devising. How's that? Do you like being looked at as a nut job with bad intentions? No, well the move the fuck on. Leave me and my dogs alone. If you come back, I'm planning on videotaping your evil stare-fest. It freaked me out, I feel I need to document it.

Oh and a word to the wise, when crossing the street, look both ways. The guy in the red car was not in the wrong when you jumped out in front of him. Didn't seem to keep you from giving him the same evil stare with the addition of a few choice hand gestures, but really, it was all you.


Anyone have advice on how to deal with this kind of thing? His whole display was threatening and scary. Seriously, it is keeping me up at night.
To be clear, our dogs are like family members. They are indoor dogs with supervised outdoor privileges. We do our best to curb unnecessary barking, but they are dogs, so they bark.


Anonymous said...

I'd go for the video and then a restraining order. Weirdo alert!

Kirsten said...

I second the video - and if it happens again and you get it on video then talk to the police, file a report. Make it official. Don't know what happened 2 years ago, but if there is history I think you are right to be concerned.

Anonymous said...

That is really creepy. Video, and Document, document, document. Good luck!

Unknown said...

I will just add to what everyone else has said and be sure to document. Since he hasn't technically *done* anything you are not going to be able to get a restraining order. But if he continues to hang around take your evidence to the police station and see what can be done.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that would seriously weird me out and not just because I'm paranoid. If he's a neighbor, I would definitely keep an eye out for him and supervise the dogs when they're out, you never know what people like that are capable of. Especially if he was being openly hostile. Definitely document everything, I would not be opposed to a hidden video if you can swing it, in case he's lingering when you guys aren't aware. What a creepo. Stay safe.

chihuahua5 said...

definetely video tape so you have evidence and can escalate as needed to the police and/or restraining order.

Anonymous said...


Continuing to stare, even AFTER you came out and called the dogs back?


Our neighbors had guys doing their landscaping for them, and my dog isn't familiar with them.

So when I'd let him out back, he'd growl at the workers. I went out - and was astonished to find the workers chastising MY dog!

I was shocked at first, maybe a little embarassed (?) - and THEN I remembered that this is MY house, MY yard - and they were the strangers.

I called my dog over, and told him, "Good boy, Samson. You're just doing your job, aren't you?"

I didn't hear any other complaints after that.

But the creep in your front yard?

He's got issues. He's so manly, he takes up staring contests with dogs and women.

I bet he couldn't handle a fair fight, much less a confrontation. I can't stand guys like that - I second the video, with a trip to the police station to let them know the creep is harassing your family and loitering around your house.

DO keep us posted!!

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