Friday, August 1, 2008

Kids say the cutest things...and a lot of other stuff

Sure they're little angels, sure they dazzle me with their irrepressible cuteness, but not all the time. Sometimes they're bossy, crass and flat out odd. And while these things might not be cute, scrapbook worthy quips, they sure are notable enough to blog about, especially if you blog like I do, to cause eternal embarrassment once the kids enter their teen years.

So here we go, the top 10 odd/gross/bossy/plain old strange things I've heard from the boys:

10. As I was getting dressed for work, putting on my bra. Big Dog- "I see your boobs. Lots of them"
9. During his self-imposed naked time, after discovering a wooden fork in the playroom Little Dog- "I'm eating up my penis!" then pretends to scoop up bites of said member.
8. When his dad was getting out of bed in the morning, Big Dog- "I can see your underwear. You need to put on pants!"
7. As I pretend nibble him, Little Dog- "you eat me like a sandwich"
6. While squirming up against me on the couch, Big Dog- "I'm rubbing my butt on you"
5. Coming toward me with his index finger extended, Little Dog-"It's poop!.....Nah, I kidding"
4. While wrestling on the guest bed Big Dog sits on Little Dog- "I'm pooing and peeing on you" Little Dog says "My turn" they switch positions so little dog is now sitting on Big Dog "I poop and pee on you!" Big Dog, "my turn" and so on.
3. After giving me a drawing, Big Dog "Its from Pooptown, a city made of Pooooooop!"
2. Inspecting something on his hand, Little Dog "it's a dog booger!" I lean in to look, "no, it isn't, it's part of your snack." His reply "Yeah, dog booger snack!"
1. After using the potty, Big Dog "My poop looks like a 'j' without the dot! Look!"

What little charming things have your angels said lately?

**it has been mentioned several times that there seems to be a fecal theme in this post. In defense of my boys, we are in the process of potty training Little Dog, so as a family, poop is a common topic of conversation. AND, as mommastantrum has pointed out, they are boys and I should expect this to continue for, well, the rest of their lives.


geekymummy said...

Hee! Thats a lot of potty mouths in your house (Are you sure they are not Canadian?)

Our recent cute sayings (thanks for asking for them!)

while singing baa baa black sheep "one for the monster, one for the dame.

Mrs. F said...

"you and Dad have GOT to put clothes on. Why were you sleeping naked?"
muahaha. my children are ruined.

Kaza said...

It's actually not that much better with a girl, believe it or not! Plenty of pee and poo talk over here too. Though I think she'll probably grow out of it (my husband, on the other hand, still hasn't!). I'd add some, but of course I've got the deer-in-the-headlights thing and can't remember a single example right now.

Unknown said...

Poop jokes are awesome!
There is lots of farting jokes here, but also delusions of grandeur. Recently, The Boy has requested we purchase a yacht, a parachute, a rocket ship, and an airplane. He also wants to go diving with a tank. Tomorrow.
However, he is unable to put his head under water yet. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Sarah Vasquez said...

After calling the grandparents' cat and it not coming... "Moron kitty."

There are others, but it is much funnier to hear them in person.

Anonymous said...

"LOOK I poopie LOT!"

Or my all time fovorite

"Cut OUt Sissy or I Beat you!"

both from B the two year old BOY.

Anonymous said...

The first one had me rofl. How many boobs do you have?

My 5 year old love to pretend he's whizzing on me whenever he's naked. He also loves to tell me what manner of animal his poop resembles - usually it's a dead snake. ;-)

Nauntie Lush said...

Oh I am so glad that I am not the only one who does not have to inspect the poo.

"MOMMA! Come look I pooped a FIRE TRUCK!"

I am a diarrhea diagnostician®. It is on my momsume now, and getting me TONS of gigs. You are jealous, I know!

Christy said...

Well, it sure sounds like you guys have lots of fun. Personally, I like dog booger snacks too:)

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