Friday, August 15, 2008

Thee short stories.

Little Dog:
"Kiss!" says Little Dog turning his face up toward me.
Smooch! I plant on one on his cheek. He smiles, then turns so the other cheek is poised, ready to be kissed. Smooch! I kiss that cheek too. Another smile and he tucks his chin, so his forehead is presented. Smooch! More smiles and he puckers up for yet another kiss. Smooch! I kiss his little mouth and he puts his hands on either side of my head, pulling me toward him for more kisses.
Cheek. Smooch! Cheek. Smooch! Forehead. Smooch! Nose. Smooch! Chin. Smooch! Lips. Smooch! Cheek. Smooch!
He stops, pulls back and gives me his face. Like his own version of Blue Steel , this adorably grouchy face could be copyright protected.
"I don't like kisses he says," in his best grumpy voice as he dramatically wipes the kisses away.
Could have fooled me, little guy! Could have fooled me.

Big Dog:
Naked, apart from a pirate hat, Big Dog is putting toys into the laundry hamper. He's a pirate and the hamper is his treasure chest.
"Could you please put on your underpants?" I ask.
"Not until I'm rich!" he replies seriously as he continues to select toys as his bounty.
"Pirates wear underpants. Always. There are no naked pirates," I try.
"Not until I'm rich!"
Mr. Dog jumps in, "You're already rich, you have a family that loves you, you're healthy and happy! That's better than money." Nice sentiment, but you're talking to a pirate, Mr. Dog.
"No, I need to get rich. I've got to get my treasure."
He continues to load the hamper until he is satisfied with his haul.
"I'm rich enough now," and he consents to be clothed.
Not sure how nudity works into his concept of wealth, but there are so many things I don't understand.

Big Dog:
"Look mommy, there's mountain Rainier," he says, pointing to the skyline.
"Yes, you're right!"
"It's broken."
"Broken, really?" I say, confused.
"It is full of hot lava, but it can't come out because someone broke it."
"I don't think it is broken, it just isn't active," I offer, wondering where he got his info.
"Poppa said it doesn't work. It's broken," he says with slight exasperation and walks off. Enough of my volcanology lesson for today.


Maura said...

Cute! Drought over!! :-)

geekymummy said...

Though it must be disappointing to a preschooler, it is fortunate for the greater Seattle area that Mount Rainier is broken, and no longer pouring out hot lava. I hope no one fixes it!

Anonymous said...

I love the no pants until I'm rich! LOL! Where do they come up with these things???

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Big Dog finally got would be tough explaining to the world at large why he couldn't wear clothes yet!

Unknown said...

LOL...goodness out of the mouths of babes I say-my middle dislikes smooches too but he always comes to get them/welcomes them
Too cute!

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