Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm all about the pickles

Last night, Little Dog and I were snuggled on the sofa in our mommy/baby love fest. I was giving him hugs and kisses and in between watching Scooby Doo and eating pudding he was hugging and kissing me back.
A friend of mine came up with the nickname "pickle" for all little kids, and I adore it. So as I kissed Little Dog's tiny nose I said "I love you little pickle."
And he looked up at me with his soft blue eyes and said in a serious tone, "I love you big pickle."
I could have melted on the spot.


Anonymous said...

that is so cute! i think i would have melted too!

Anonymous said...

so now you're a melted big pickle! That's very touching. I love it when the boys show the mama love!

geekymummy said...

Aaah! Little dog is so sweet.

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