Friday, September 26, 2008

My Neurotic Need to Know.

Someone is coming here after googling "craigslist Nicefo". Yeah, I've mentioned it before, way back when, but when I see someone end up here after googling that, I'm curious. Who is googling "craigslist Nicefo" and what are they looking for? Are they looking for the Nicefo forum Id? (It's 4231 if that is your purpose)

More curious than why they are googling it is why I care. I can't explain it. Well, maybe I can, but that would be tedious and I'm sure you'd just roll your eyes. So I won't.

If you came here from googling "craigslit Nicefo" be a dear and leave a comment. It's making me a bit crazy. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Funny. Those google search visitors are always interesting. Based on the name of my blog I thought that I would have alot my pervs showing up luckily that hasn't been the case.

Green said...

I recently typed the words "penis enhancer" in my blog and figured I'd get a flood of penis related spam, but I'm not at all.

I think I found your blog via Twitter.

Kevin McKeever said...

I found you through "crazed mom doggie mashed peas." Weird, huh? Cheers!

Mrs. F said...

I do not have ANY idea what "Nicefo" is, so I am going to just go ahead and let you know that that is NOT how I found you.


Princess New York said...

lol I looove reading the google referrals on my sitemeter!

For some reason, people actually google the url of my blog. That is odd itself. Why not just type the url directly into the navigation bar?

You know I found you through Madge.

Nicefo sounds like the mirror of mofo. Like a really kind mofo.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I did find your blog through PAFO but I think that is because you gave it to me. I didn't google anything. :)

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