Thursday, September 4, 2008

What awaits unexpected guests at the Followthatdog house.

Big Dog and I were in the kitchen making dinner, waiting for Auntie Chihuahua to arrive. While we were waiting, Big Dog repeatedly asked how much longer.
"Any minute now," I promised.
"So if the doorbell rings, that will be her?" he asked
"And if it isn't, we won't let them in," he continued
"That's probably a good policy since we aren't expecting anyone else."
"We won't let them in, but ...we'll suck their blood!" he says in his best big creepy voice.
"What?!?" I asked, slightly stunned, wondering where the hell he came up with that.
"Nah, I'm just kidding," he says with an impish smile. Or is he? Bwahahaha!


Kirsten said...

Can you sick him on the crazy guy staring into your yard. Psycho-appearing blood-thirsty little kid might freak out crazy guy.

Mrs. F said...

Nothing wrong with a little blood sucking, I say.

Nauntie Lush said...

My mom is cracking up over this, but mad that Bacon told her that she scared the CRAP out of him! Um, you aren't supposed to suck blood, and CRAP is supposed to come out of you right?

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