Thursday, October 30, 2008

Elections, anxiety and me.

I'm getting a little tired of holding my breath, and I'm sure I'm not alone. This election has been long, drawn out and stressful. We're just days away from knowing who the next president is and while it seems obvious, I can't keep being worried. What can go wrong in these last few days? What states will surprise me, and leave us in the hands of the McCain/Palin machine, hell bent on plunging us into further wars, cutting vital government programs and reveling in their own love of ignorance?

I have a hard time understanding why some people still back the other side. I understand that hatred and fear are powerful motivators, but how is it that so many people are handing over their rights and best interests to a party so detached from the average American citizen.

I'm tired of the constant questioning of patriotism and comments about being "un-American". It stuns me that this is even in play. In my eyes, the only people who fall for these smears are those we are incapable of understanding the issues so they cling to the hatred and catch phrases that have become the bread and butter of the Republican party over the past 8 years.

I'm worried about the economy. I'm worried about the future of my children, about health care and the overall well being of my fellow citizens. It isn't fair for some to do so well while others are forced to scrape by. How is that un-American? How does that make me less of a patriot?

Aren't we all ready to move on? Aren't we ready to find positive change in our daily life? Aren't we ready for hope and possibility instead of fear and threats? I know I am. So here I sit, panicked, stressed and worried, waiting for election day to find out if my hope for America has a chance or if we're just holding on, clinging on with no hope, for the next 4 years.


Green said...

I hear you. Personally, I've gone on election strike. I simply can not take in any more information about it. Exempted from that are the propositions. I'm so grossed out at the thought of a McBible country. And it's not just because I'm poor that I'm for Obama. Even if I were earning over a quarter million dollars I wouldn't mind helping those who couldn't. When you're climbing out of a pool and someone is slightly behind you following, don't you reach back with one hand as you're reaching up with the other?

I can't wait until next week is over.

geekymummy said...

Me too. I am so hopeful that a new era is about to happen, but I'm afraid to believe it can happen. Things have been so bad for so long. I found out that now I'm a permenant resident though I cannot vote, I can at least vote with my credit card. Your post just prompted me to go make another donation. I would also encourage folk to donate to "no on 8" (to protect equal marriage rights) even if you are not from California.

Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly. I see all the positive news about the polls. Now I'm living in a state where there is actually a chance where my vote will help decide the winner! That thrills me to no end. But I have this lingering fear of "what if". I can't even say the whole sentence of "what if...", because it is too damn depressing to think about. I have to have hope for our immediate future that GOOD will prevail. Not my good, not my neighbors' good, but everyone who needs a better chance at having a good life; their life is what I'm worried about. My daughter's future world is what I worry about. So, I, too, will be drinking Tuesday evening - and hopefully it will be in esctatic celebration!

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