Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh these words of love.

"Mama, do you know that I love you?" Big Dog says sweetly.
"Aw, thanks! I love you too," I reply, my heart swelling with motherly love
"I know!"
"That's such a nice thing to say to someone," I say, hoping to reinforce his kindness.
"Yeah," he says, "To someone I know." he says, making sure I understand the distinction.
Can't say he isn't a smart kid. Or at very least a smart ass.
I love that kid.


Marinka said...

That is so sweet! I love moments like that.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny what kids come up with?

Feeling the love is the best!

MammaDawg said...

Those are some of THE best moments in life, aren't they? :)

Anonymous said...

My son said I love you for the first time the other day. I melted.

Mrs. F said...

Note to self: Stop telling random strangers I love them. It might be creepy.

heh. Once again, your kids are ridiculously cute! I wanna squish his little cheeks. :)

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