Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009, you've got some 'splaning to do.

Dear 2009,
Let me just say how anxiously I awaited your arrival after the suckfest that was 2008. And now, all I can really say is WTF? Really, I don't know why you've chosen to start off with such, um, shall we say, resoundingly annoying beginning. All I hope is that you change your ways or so help me god I'll be inventing a time machine to transport myself back a few years. (Note to self: time machine might be awesome regardless.)

Why am I complaining? I mean nothing really bad has happened. Just minor stuff, but all front loaded like this, I can't help but wonder if the year is going to be a crapapalooza. Just for fun, and because I'm keeping track, let's list the wrongs, shall we?

1. New Year's is heralded in by a puking toddler. Not only is my child sick, but I get to be covered in vomit in the middle of the night.

2. Dishwasher decided that now is a good time to quit working. I manage to schedule a repair person for the very next morning, only to have them cancel in the morning because one of their technicians called in sick.

3. Vacuum cleaner decides that the dishwahser's labor strike seems like a good idea and also quits working. Have I mentioned that both of these coincide with the first dinner party I've had in ages. Yeah, thanks modern conveniences, you get me hooked and then back out.

4. Big Dog gets sick. Seems like the vomiting Little Dog christened me with on New Year's is making it's way through the family. Big Dog has been sick all day and Mr. Dog is now feeling a bit queasy. He offered to puke on me to complete the circle, but I declined.

5. Snow. More f'ing snow. Seriously, I've had enough snow to last at least a year. Probably even more than a year if I'm completely honest.

All I'm saying is that this stuff sucks. I'm going back to work tomorrow (if the snow permits) and I just want to say I've had enough. How 'bout we agree that you, 2009, quit harassing me, and I'll work on my shitty attitude? What you say? Deal?

Laura (who isn't feeling all that stellar right now either, but I'm refusing to get sick.)


Beth said...

I have visions of appliances picketing now. For what, I'm not sure. Better pay? Equal rights?

Hope everyone feels better soon!

geekymummy said...

It can only get better, right?!

Kaza said...

Oh no! I do hope you're getting all of the sucky parts of the year out of the way right now so the rest can be much, much better. It sounds like a pretty crappy start to the year. I hope you're feeling okay!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah. 2008 sucked.

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