Friday, January 2, 2009

Now with even more annoying ads!

Advertising works. I can tell you from my own experience, those people who create those "As Seen On TV" products may make insipid ads that annoy at great great distances, but they work. Well, they work if you're 5 and living in my house. What I'm trying to say is that Big Dog can be sold almost anything. Really. Do you know what he wants right now? Guess. Nope, not a toy. A Snuggie. Yep. Today he came to me all excited and says "Mommy, can I get a Snuggie?" "We don't need a Snuggie," I said, confused why he would even want one.
His face fell, you'd think I'd told him he couldn't have a new hot wheels track or a pet frog or Leggos or something that a 5 year old kid should want. So I bit.
"Why do you want a Snuggie?"
"Because regular blankets slip and slide," he immediately replies repeating a line from the commercial with all sincerity. And I burst into laughter. He gave up.

Later this evening, the ad came on again. (Yes, we are watching a lot of TV today. Go ahead, cross me off your ballot for mother of the year. Little Dog is sick and puking, we're camping out in the living room.) Big Dog got all excited. "See mommy, we can get two right now!" I held my ground. Then the bonus gift, two book lights, came on screen. "And the lights! Don't you want the lights?" Really. The kid wants an oversized backwards bathrobe and a booklight. I don't know what to make of that.

At least he's off the ShamWow kick. He saw that ad and asked me if I wanted a ShamWow for Christmas. I told him we'd already missed Christmas and now all I can do is hope to get one for my birthday. "I'm sure you'll get one mommy. I promise!" he says sincerely.
Freakin' great, the kid has not only mistaken me for someone who cleans, he has also also failed to read my signature sarcasm. Does this child know me at all?


Corina - Down to Earth Mama said...

Walking, talking commercials. My daughter can't remember I told her to put some pants on for the fifth time, but can remember those damn commercials word for word.

Beth said...

Billy Mays has learned that yelling sells. My thought... does yelling back unsell? On the other hand, it could scare the children.

Mrs. F said...

Heh. My kids want the snuggie, too!

I was separating ground beef to freeze it yesterday and Cal told me about a machine that I could get that would make it (ground beef from meat) for me. Ahem. We watch too much tv, obviously. My kids are trying to sell me on adult products that they have seen in commercials.

When my nephew was 3 he talked my sis-in-law into buying some magic hair removing cream...(Epil Stop)

Elissa L. said...

Dude my 3 year old daughter came up to me the other day and asked, "mom are you cold?" and I told her I was a bit chilly and she told me "then you should call that number and buy a snuggie. They are great for kids too, who eat snacks" (in the commercial a little girl is eating popcorn in her snuggie. So my husband says "we all have snuggies already" he went to the bedrooms and came back with our robes, but them on us backwards and viola! a snuggie. The kid could not have been happier until she said, "but what about my free book light daddy?"

chihuahua5 said...

um...i'm a grown up and also get sucked into them. make sure big dog and i do NOT watch any commercials together this wednesday cuz:
1. i'm getting those aqua globes..they work!
2. i've been pestering thomas about getting "mighty mend-it"
3. we already have the hercules hooks..

all thanks to Billy Mays :)

mamikaze said...

Fluffy begs for one every time she sees that blasted commercial! I tell her to go put her bathrobe on backwards. I have a feeling I'll be sewing her one before the month is out just to shut her up.

geekymummy said...

Its actually quite scary, the influence advertising has on kids. The Brit in me wishes we had commercial free TV here. As kids we were not allowed to watch the channel which had advertising, only the BBC!

chihuahua5 said...

i bought Billy May's Mighty Mend it today from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I'm gonna mend the outer pocket of my suitcase with it!!


Leah McNally said...

LOL. that Shamwow sells itself. but I'll pass on the snuggie. My son asked for the chia pet and the donut baking pan when he was that age. Thanks for the laugh.

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