Friday, February 6, 2009

Child's play.

I was watching these boy play, not my boys, these guys were older. One of them was a bit bigger. I could tell he was the older brother, probably got his way most of the time. His little brother was a bit smaller, but you could tell he was feisty too. He put up with his brother, but you could tell he was smart. He wanted to play and he wanted to play with his brother, but he also knew his brother could be tough and at times mean. I’m guessing that in his family this was the kid that got the lovey dovey attention while the older boy was the one the dad told to “be a man”.

They had a toy, they both wanted it. The first kid was playing with the toy, but he was playing too rough, not sharing and nearly broke it. I watched for a long time wondering when he'd get busted by his mom who seemed to just be sitting by watching. Finally she stepped in, scolded him, took the toy and and gave it to his brother. You could see just how much this shook up the first kid. He was used to being the boss. He didn’t like having to play with his little brother or follow his rules.

So while his brother was trying to lay out the rules, the big kid kept grabbing at the toy. He’d shove his little brother and call him names. He wasn't just trying to grab the toy, he was smacking at it. If he hit it, it would have come crashing to the ground. It was pretty apparent he’d rather break the toy completely, treat it roughly, and toss it around than let the other kid play too. It was ridiculous. He was trying to keep his brother from playing, hoping his brother would just give in and walk away.

It sucks, right? It sucks even more because these aren’t kids. They’re political parties. One of them lost and now they are putting up any kind of stink they can to keep things from moving forward. In the meantime, Obama has been trying to be inclusive. He's added tax cuts to the stimulus package, he's even put Republicans in his cabinet. He's being a lot more conciliatory than the Bush administration ever was, and honestly a lot more inclusive of their bullshit than I want him to be. But it doesn't seem to matter. They’re willing trash the future of our economy, our country, our children and our stability to save face. They’re whining about the stimulus package, whining about spending and some are being very vocal about hoping Obama fails. They’re willing to risk it all just so the Democrats don’t come out of this mess looking better than their broken and foolish Republican party.

Enough, I’m sick of it. If these were kid, I’d have put the GOP in a time out by now. They’re being bullies, and bullies should not be catered to. At this point, I’m wishing we could remove them from the process completely. That’s what we’d do if they were kids. And now I’m keeping track. Next time they’re up for reelection, I’m going to make donations to their opposition. I’ll play within the system, but I’m going to play. Don’t make me separate you, 'cause I’m all to happy to step in. Asshats.


Anonymous said...

I think that is the best "mommy" metaphor I've ever heard..and no more truth could be told about it.

Beth said...

Great, great analogy. And I think you are right. It's time for the Repubs on Capital Hill to appreciate the inclusion. In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along."

mamikaze said...

spot on.
I am so tired of this partisan bickering. I want to fire all of Congress and start all over again.

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