Monday, February 9, 2009

"I not little anymore!"

"Do you know what today is?"  I asked Little Dog this morning.
"No," he replied.
"It's your birthday!"
"Really!" he said, eyes filled with excited surprise.
"Yes.  You're three!"
"Really?" he asked again with the same surprise and excitement filling his voice.
Later he came to me and announced, "I not little anymore!" his voice brimming with pride.  And it's true, you aren't little.  My baby has become a little boy.
Yes my little man, you are three.  So quickly.  Just three years ago I first met you face to face and was immediately charmed by those blue eyes.  I loved you from that very moment, probably even before. And in the following years I've loved watching you grow and change.  
You are clearly no longer a toddler. You are so coordinated and strong, there is no toddle left in you.  Your verbal skills are astounding.  When I see developmental emails saying my child should begin to string sentences of 5 or more words together, I laugh. You've been doing that for ages. Your sentences are complex, and filled with your preferences.  I never have to guess what you like or don't like. And if I don't understand you, it frustrates you to no end because you know what you need me to understand.
You are playful and creative.  You have continued to blossom as an artist, even if your favorite canvas is your own skin.  I just hope your love of marker on skin doesn't translate into full-body tattoos as an adult.  Possibly your love of drawing on the walls will translate to a career as a muralist, but let's try to minimize the impulse for the time being.
Where your brother was obsessed with trains, you are obsessed with super heroes.  You love Batman with a special passion.  I am amused by this to no end.  How many times have we been told not to call you by your name because you are some other cartoon legend.  Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, SuperMan and the lot.  You even insisted on wearing your Batman mask to bed the first night you had it, awaking only to tell Poppa you had a Batman mask when he got home.
You are determined, you must do things for yourself, but you also love a cuddle and still demand to be carried.  Your kisses are sweet, sloppy and frequent, and I welcome them all.  Your hugs are full body snuggles that melt my heart. 
I love you, my little man.  Always have, always will.  Happy birthday!


Birthday in a Box said...

Ahh, happy birthday to your little man! This post is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my nephew Batman and tell him I love him so much. If there is a cake involved in today's festivities make sure to take pictures.

Auntie K

Anonymous said...

And you have to change the info on your cast of characters now.


followthatdog said...

Thanks Auntie K, I'll update with photos because you KNOW there's going to be cake.
And I updated the cast of characters info. *sob*

geekymummy said...

Happy Birthday!
Why did I think it was tomorrow?!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Dog! You are lucky to have a mommy and daddy who love you so much!

Beth said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to your youngest. I love that you enjoy him so much.

Anonymous said...

Sweet post! I love age 3, it is the best. There is still a little bit of baby hiding in there, but that preschooler is peeking out. So much fun.

chihuahua5 said... little dog is growing up so fast. take lots of pics!

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