Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feasting on bat.

I'm sure there is something seriously wrong with a parent who allows their child to believe they are eating bat.  Yes, bat.  And yes, I am that parent.  I didn't mean to mess with them.  Ok, I did, but I didn't think they'd believe me.  See we have this game, they ask what's for dinner and I come up with something they'd never eat.  Usually I say  "grass clippings and kitty litter."  Not that I serve them this, they ask and I make something up.  Then they say "Ugh. " and I say something else like "newspaper and toe nails" or "dog food."  Tonight it was bat.

So Big Dog immediately says the requisite "Ugh" and I ask what he wants for dinner.  "Mac and cheese," he says, requesting his favorite food.  But Little Dog, my child with the perverse sense of humor says "I want bat!"  

My real dinner plan was fish, and I told them this, but Little Dog kept insisting on bat, and before long Big Dog was demanding bat too.  It didn't help that Mr. Dog had to pipe in with Peace Corps stories about people eating fruit bats in Fiji.  Now Little Dog tells me, "I like Fiji."

I make my way to the kitchen and am in the middle of pan frying the tilapia when the boys show up.  "Where's the bat?" they ask.  And I hesitate for just a moment before I point to the two pieces of fish sizzling in the pan.  "Can I bite it?" asks Little Dog.  Then Big Dog is asking for a bite of bat, and they like it.  They start telling me about all kind of bats they've seen. Turns out while I was downstairs cooking, Mr. Dog was fueling their interest in bats and Fiji by showing them photos on the internet. (Of bats and Fiji, not those other photos you can find on the internet.  The boys are way too young for that.)

So we had our bat dinner.  I know it was probably wrong to let them believe it was bat, but they asked for it.  (Yeah, I do know I'm the adult here.  Sad, isn't it?)


Unknown said...

Actually, it sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

You would *totally* get along with my husband. He does similar things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

We are from Ansel's preschool, Deneen and Zade, and were invited to his birthday party. We will be able to make it, so we will see you there. Thanks for the invite.
Deneen and Zade

Anonymous said...

Aw man, how do I get some of that bat? All we ever used to get was old shoes and cabbage or sh*t on a shingle!

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