Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life after "The" flu.

Early this year both boys were taken down by a vicious, but short lived flu. Vomiting, fever, general misery treated with ibuprofen, tylenol, fluids, rest and lots of cartoons. We all survived, but it has had lingering effects.

Since having the flu, Big Dog and Little Dog have both self diagnosed "the coughs" and "the burps". Just last night, after drinking a bit too much milk, Little Dog pleaded with me to carry him down the stairs. "Please mommy, you carry me, I have the throw ups."

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? Well, ok, probably not. How about the cutest thing ever that involves throw up?


Beth said...

I just want to barf with all the cuteness. :)

I do love the things kids say. They are so funny.

Anonymous said...

My kids always have "the" something. "The" coughs, "the" headache, "the" stubbed toe. It is very cute.

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