Sunday, March 15, 2009

An obsession continues.

I'm not sure how it happened, but the boys have discovered Sleeping Beauty. It may have been part of Big Dog's guerrilla marketing campaign for a trip to Disneyland ("Mama, did you know there is a place in this world called Disneyland?" asked repeatedly since his school friend returned from his trip to the Magic Kingdom) or it could be the discover of the Disney stamps I'd left within their reach (I am now the proud owner of several pieces of art that incorporate my 42 cent "stickers"). It really doesn't matter how it started, just that it has.

After their discovery of the beautiful, slumbering princess, Mr. Dog let them watch most of the movie on YouTube. (I'm sure Walt Disney is rolling in his grave over the missed royalties.) And from then on they both want, no need, more. Since we were heading down for a visit with my family this weekend, I decided to swing over to Target and pick up a copy for the car ride. Sure, I may be pandering to them a bit, but it would keep them quiet and occupied for the bulk of the long drive from Seattle. And it worked. They watched it twice before we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house, another time in the morning, once more just before bedtime and again when they woke up this morning (go ahead, judge me for the excessive tv time. I got some rest, so sue me.)

At Thanksgiving, they boys had discovered a few of my old Barbie dolls and these doll again resurfaced. This time they were dubbed "Sleeping Beauty" and became part of the movie experience. At one point, Big Dog was introducing his Sleeping Beauty to Little Dog.
"Hi! My name is Sleeping Beauty!" he said, bouncing the doll up and down to show she was talking. "Want to see my butt?"

For the record, I'm pretty sure she never actually says that in the movie, though if she did it might explain why the prince was so keen to meet up with the peasant girl later that evening. Just sayin'.


Beth said...

Hilarious! And I love that you will let your boys watch Sleeping Beauty. My oldest went through a Beauty and the Beast phase. He was so amused by the Clockman (Cogsworth, I think).

May be time to start planning a trip.

Mrs. F said...

Heheheee. Wanna see my butt?

Yeah. I'm not sure I remember that part of the movie, but I do enjoy a good improv!

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